Fast, intuitive and extensible group chat

The best group chat software is now free

  • Group workflow

    Talker encourages good group dynamics. Helps teams gel and get things done together.

  • No IM client

    Run from inside a browser. It is as easy as visiting a web page.

  • Fewer meetings

    Real time chat reduces the need for lengthy meetings. Spend time working instead.

  • Work remotely

    Don't let distance be an issue. Chat with colleagues anywhere!

Powerful Plugins

Display and interact the way you want with our simple Front End API. You can format messages, create links to other web pages, embed special types of media or create powerful slash commands.

Amazing API

Send a message to the chat log in a single line of code! Our REST API makes it easy for you! Your build server, live monitoring tools and chat log can speak the same language.